Q: This town is crawling with freelancers. Why should I hire you?

A: True, there are a lot of us out there. But you’d be hard pressed to find another writer with my combination of ability, experience, strategic acumen and professionalism. Add to that the fact that I’m fast, affordable and haven’t got a temperamental bone in my body, and you’ve got an easy decision.

Q: Exactly how do you define “affordable”?

A: My rates are highly competitive and always negotiable. Depending on your budget and the scope of the project, we can arrange either an hourly/day rate or project fee.

Q: Hm. You're a writer, but your resume says you have an Art and Design background. Do you still do layouts?

A: Although I have a Graphic Design background and began my career as an Art Director/Writer, I now concentrate solely on writing. However, my unique, dual background gives me an advantage over your typical writer since I always think conceptually and have a keen visual eye.

Q: I need a team. Do you work with a particular art director?

A: No. But I know many talented freelance art directors and can team up with one of them for your project. Or, if you prefer, I can work with someone of your choosing. The same goes for web designers and photographers.

Q: I see you’ve done a lot of tv commercials. But I need a direct mail piece. Can you do that?

A: Absolutely. I've written pretty much everything; from brochures, to direct mail, point of purchase and banner ads. I’m happy to show you additional samples, if needed. I can also help with naming projects, sizzle films or corporate presentations.

Q: But my product is really complicated.

A: You want complicated? Try explaining the intricacies of workers comp insurance or Integrated Customer Relationship Management software. I’ve tackled everything from Progressive eyeglass lenses to Corporate Law. So chances are, I’ll be able to handle your particular challenge.

Q: Sounds good. But I’ve still got more questions.

A: Great. And I’ve got answers.
Just call me at (415) 608-4503 or email marciejudelson@comcast.net and let's talk.